SEPA payments
Euro payments in a simpler way
It should be simple to send payments within Europe. EU and the banks in Europe have made this possible.

Since 1 February 2014 all local euro payments are SEPA payments.

A single payment market
  • Easier process
  • Common payment types
  • One file format
  • IBAN only
  • Less euro accounts
  • One online bank

The aim of SEPA is to create a single payment market for the euro. It should be just as simple to send money between countries as it is within your own country.

SEPA encompasses all 28 EU member states, plus the EES members Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, as well as Monaco and Switzerland. 

SEPA payment services
SEPA Credit Transfer
SEPA Direct Debit

Points to remember before the migration
  • Local file formats will disappear. We recommend using ISO 20022 XML.
  • BIC will no longer be required, only an IBAN will be mandatory. However, it may be an advantage to include BIC.
  • Decide type of payment reference. We recommend the pain.001 version 3 file format for SEPA Credit Transfer.
  • Update your company ledger with the IBAN.
  • Contact the company’s software supplier to check that all necessary adaptations to SEPA are completed.
  • Update your invoices with correct information and IBAN.


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